TripAdvisor Sets Out To Fight Against Cruel Animal Practices

tripadvisor against cruel animal practices

TripAdvisor will stop selling tickets to destinations that include cruel animal practices.

TripAdvisor sets out to fight against cruel animal practices as the travel website has announced that it will stop selling tickets to destinations that include captive, wild, or endangered animal species.

TripAdvisor is considered the world’s biggest travel site and can also boast with Viator, or the website’s ticket sale company.

After almost six weeks of treaties and discussion between the website and a number of animal welfare organization, TripAdvisor has decided to stop selling tickets through its portal to any animal endangering destination.

Some of the organizations to have taken part in the discussion include the Global Wildlife Conservation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor Co-founder and chief adviser, issued a press release in which he stated that the traveling website intends to use its new booking policy as a means of protecting and fighting against cruel animal practices. The company will be trying to thus ensure and improve the animals’ safety and health standards of living, especially in areas with limited to no animal protection legislation rules.

The traveling website has also stated its intention of developing and instating an educational portal so that all the animal-related attractions that will still be available on the site will also feature information and data about the respective species.

The same Kaufer declared that the portal could make an impact on the people wishing to travel to the respective destinations. As more information about the animals will be made available, the users could come to better understand their impact on the natural habitat.

They could also help with the animals’ protection by writing more accurate and thoughtful reviews about the respective places.

TripAdvisor has announced that it will stop selling tickets to all the attractions where animals are treated as playthings or entertainment and has also released a list of accepted and acceptable animal-interaction sites.

The list includes places like children’s petting zoos, that usually feature domestic animals, horse paddocks, and horseriding, and also feeding programs, where both the animals and the visitor are being supervised by wildlife or zoo officials.

Aquarium touch pools are also included as they have educational purposes and just as in the feeding programs’ case, a constant watch is kept throughout the aquarium.

Another accepted form of travel is the “voluntourism”, which has come to indicate endangered species special habitats arranged by sanctuaries, zoos, and aquariums. Travelers could come into a closer form of interaction with the animals through the voluntary work specific to this form of travel.

The full effect of the decision will start being felt in 2017 when places deemed unacceptable will still appear on the site, but will no longer have an available ticket sale option. Instead, they will feature a paw that will guide the user to the site’s educational portal.

As TripAdvisor has already refused to sell tickets to destinations that kill animals, it also hopes that the new measures will be taken up by other industry sites and companies and mark a new step in the fight against cruel animal practices.

Image Source: Wikimedia