Aerosmith Cancel Four Shows After Frontman Steven Tyler Experiences Sudden Medical Problems

Aerosmith vocalist and guitarist in concert

Steven Tyler cannot go on touring because of some undisclosed medical issues

To the disappointment of their South American fans, Aerosmith announced the canceling of several tour dates. In the official statement, they explained how they made this decision to protect the health of their frontman, Steven Tyler. The vocalist is currently struggling with some medical issues which, although not dangerous, need to be treated immediately.

Steven Tyler’s condition stopped Aerosmith from touring

As Aerosmith were traveling for the farewell tour Aero-Vederci Baby, Steven Tyler suddenly faced some medical complications the other band members didn’t want to reveal. The doctors assured Tyler the problems didn’t put his life in danger. However, he needed immediate medical attention, requiring him to stop traveling and singing, and return to the US.

There are four more dates left of the tour, but Steven Tyler had to fly back to the US. Unfortunately for the excited fans, the band had to cancel these shows. Three of the gigs were scheduled for South America, including the cities Curitiba in Brazil, Santiago in Chile, and Rosario in Argentina. The fourth city was Monterrey in Mexico.

Aerosmith are doing a farewell tour, but they might not stop playing after that

Tyler also posted a message where he apologized to his fans for the incident. He explained how his health condition left him unable to continue with the last four shows, and had to return to the US soon after the show in Sao Paulo ended. Once he solves all his medical problems, he will return and make up for this disappointment.

Aero-Vederci Baby has been promoted as a farewell tour, but the band is quite unsure if these are the last Aerosmith shows or not. When questioned about it, the band members said they were doing a farewell tour because they had to make one at some point. However, they couldn’t say if more shows will follow that tour or not.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons