A New Super Strong Metal Emerged from the US Laboratories

magnesium- based metalA new super strong metal emerged from the US laboratories. The innovative type of material, a mixture of mineral magnesium and silicon–based nano particles, may change the way in which aircraft, spacecraft and vehicles are produced.

Its creators say that this metal composite is extremely solid, but more important, it is light and portable for those who use it. The metal’s resiliency level is what places it in a different category compared to similar technologies.

Scientists say that this material could be the predecessor of many innovative production components. That is because they have developed a new method for handling a metal without particles while maintaining the material’s internal structure.

It has been suggested that nano particles may really improve the durability of components with affecting their flexibility, especially light materials like magnesium composites. However, no other techniques  have been capable to spread ceramic nano particles inside melted metal until now, according to the specialists who took part in this experiment.

With a combination of science and components handling, this method opens new ways to improve the efficiency of many types of materials by equally infusing heavy  particles. The effectiveness of these materials is best shown when they manage all energy and durability difficulties met in modern technology.

After the process of infusion has ended, scientists examined the magnesium composite, newly filled with heavy, evenly spread particles. This material presented improved strength, rigidity, flexibility and resilience even at high temperature ranges.

Previous studies proved that silicone nano particles tend to merge in large groups when they are added to other materials. This phenomenon makes them more durable but decreases their level of plasticity. Scientists fixed the issue by scattering all particles inside alloy of zinc and magnesium.

Since magnesium is a relatively abundant mineral and the manufacturing technology could be quickly scaled up, researchers believe that their metal’s commercial applications may be noticed very soon. And they do not think that it will take too long until they find a better metal-based nanoparticle with amazing prospective uses.

The results experts acquired up to this point represent just a tiny fraction of the potential types of metals having innovative qualities and applications.

Image source: Amazonaws