5 Most Original Ways to Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving

As its name says it, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day when we give thanks for the wonderful things in our lives. And yet, we find it hard to express our feelings. The words won’t come out of our mouths and it gets harder and harder to find one’s tongue again. Here are the 5 most original ways to show gratitude this Thanksgiving and inspire your guests to make confessions.

  1. Turkey Feather Drawing

Remember how Spin-the-Bottle used to animate all your childhood parties and pump adrenaline through your veins? Well, the Turkey Feather Drawing is supposed to work much in the same way. The host of the Thanksgiving dinner prepares colorful turkey feathers of all sizes and places them in a bowl. Guests pick feathers and the “lucky” winner with the shortest feather is the first to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day.

"colorful feathers"

These colorful feathers will sure keep guests entertained. (Photo credits: www.uncustomary.org)

  1. ‘Find the Turkey’ Thanksgiving Contest

As pilgrims arrived on the New Land, they invited Native Americans to a turkey-based dinner feast, thus making turkey the most popular dish on Thanksgiving Day. Dinners, however, tend to be a little bit boring, especially for children, who are very active and find it very hard to sit still. So why not take the regular Easter egg contest and turn it into a thrilling Thanksgiving game?

"sponge chicks for Thanksgiving"

Be creative and you can easily turn sponge into Thanksgiving plush toys. (Photo credits: www.allkidsnetwork.com)_

Cut two circles into orangey sponge, glue them together. Stick colorful feathers on the bottom circle of the turkey toys, glue dark beads for the eyes and add a bundle of red yarn where the beak it’s supposed to be. Make as many turkeys as you can and hide them around the house. Guests will have a wonderful time looking for them and the finder will have many more reasons to give thanks and gratitude.

  1. “I Am Thankful for…” Plate Mats

Some people have a hard time verbally expressing their feelings, but they can wonderfully master word in written. You can cut plate mats out of cardboard and paint them a color that better suits your dinner arrangement. Glue special elements like autumn leaves, beads and feathers to make the plate mats more attractive. Write “I am thankful for…” and let your guests fill in their own answers.

"Thanksgiving place mats"

Making your own Thanksgiving plate mats has never been easier. (Photo credits: www.blogspot.com)

  1. Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

Sometimes, it falls on hosts’ shoulders to break the ice and be the first to give thanks. You can start preparations a long time before the actual Thanksgiving dinner by putting down the things you are most grateful for. Once the list is ready, bake special fortune cookies with gratitude messages instead of regular predictions. Guests will be impressed if you use these Thanksgiving fortune cookies to show them your gratitude. They may even join in and confess what makes them feel grateful.

"Thanksgiving fortune cookies"

Thanksgiving fortune cookies please guests’ hearts and palates. (Photo credits: www.pinimg.com)

  1. The Last to Arrive, the First to Give Thanks

It may seem childish, but this is definitely a fun and unmistakably good method to get someone to break the ice at your Thanksgiving party. The trick is to let the last guests know they will be the first to give thanks after they arrive at your home. Once the first speeches have been uttered, it should be easy to get the other guests speaking.

"Thanksgiving dinner"

Giving gratitude should be easy once the first guests break the ice. (Photo credits: www.exposureguide.com)

Thanksgiving dinners need not be sober and sumptuous, they can be playful, too. Guests feel special because they take part in personalized parties thanks to these 5 most original ways to show gratitude this Thanksgiving.